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Sea Kayaking near Cochamo, Chile

January 12, 2012

BUENO.  The past two days were easily the best weather days we´ve had yet in South America.  Clear, blue skies, comfortable temperatures, nothing falling out of the sky except for the gigantic flesh-eating flies we killed.  Where we left off yesterday on the Petrohue River whitewater rafting, we picked up today with Sea Kayaking.

Starting out on the Petrohue River.

There were still a few rapids left in the river, which proved challenged in a difficult to turn sea kayak, but we made it with no problems.  Spent the better part of the day on the river before entering the estuary, and then the First Fjord of Patagonia.

This place is emerald!

Yesterday whitewater rafting was nice, but this was much better for photos.  Our guide´s name is Nicolo, a 24yr old Chilean from Vina del Mar.

Hot springs along the way... shallow, but quite hot.

Along the way were some hot springs we stopped at, not well developed but a great stop nonetheless.

Cooling off from the hot springs, jumping into the Petrohue River.

The river, as you can see from the photo, was clear-green, much like the Kenai River in S. Central Alaska.

Our camp for the night, Volcan Hornopiren in the background.

We paddled across the fjord to a farm where we camped.  This is all part of the tour; the family who lives at this farm keeps lambs, and participates in the Ko Kayak business as an overnight camping spot and guesthouse.

Dinner w/ Andrew, Yolanda, Nicolo, Tiff, Greg, and Juan Carlos.

The family which owns the farm is really only Yolanda and her son, Juan Carlos.  They fed us boiled lamb for dinner, among other things, it was very filling and delicious.  The shared copious amounts of Mate (pronounced mah-tey, can´t get the apostrophe correct), which is basically tea without the tea bag, and a metal straw that has a filter on the end.  Very good.  We really enjoyed meeting these people and eating with them, the food and the company was delightful.

The fjord, 10pm, Volcan Hornopiren.

Great view, eh?

Nicolo and Andrew, the next morning.

Calm waters in the morning, beautiful day, the photos say it all.

Absolutely gorgeous day.

We´ve been strangely fortunate with all our sea kayaking trips.

Volcan Osorno, on the way home to Puerto Varas. Our guide, Nicolo.

Finally we see the Osorno Volcano.

Tiff & Greg, great couple of days.

These last two are Andrew´s photos.


This was a great trip, and as you can see, with great weather.  Our guide, Nicolo, was very good, friendly, fun, and the gear was great.  Good job Nicolo & Ko Kayak!  I would recommend this trip to anyone, even if the weather was bad.

Also, happy 30th to Andrew H, who had his birthday yesterday.  If you´re reading this, Tiff and I wish you and Emily the best of luck with your wedding planning.

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  1. Laura (Mom) permalink
    January 13, 2012 7:34 AM

    Beautiful scenery! What a lovely trip!


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